Hajj Deluxe Packages

Hajj is truly said to be eternal and heavenly religious journey for every single Muslim individual no matter wherever he/she resides. One of the divine and sacred journey towards fifth pillars of Islam and an opportunity to enter inside Masjid Al Haram along with staying in Mina with millions of devotees around and drinking the pure and sacred water of Zamzam are some of the highlights of such religious journey.

It is right to say the fact that not few but millions of Islamic devotees spreading in different parts of the world look forward to Hajj journey. Highly sacred one truly requires you to be a financially and physically strong individual in order to acquire the complete fruit of the journey.

If you are the one, then lay hands on Online-Umrah especially offered Deluxe Hajj Packages meant for pilgrims having an eternal love for Allah. Let the overall journey be comfortable and quite a luxurious one with a Deluxe package option that included all the following features:

  • Airfare (Both Sides)
  • Visa
  • Visit to Makkah and Madinah
  • Hotel in Makkah and Madinah
  • Stay at Mina Camp
  • Three times Meals
  • Local transfer
  • Guide facility

Be a part of eternal and most divine religious journey towards Makkah and Madinah with a reliable support of Online-Umrah. Professional and highly experienced travel assistants will definitely help you out in making the whole journey goes hassle-free. Complete information regarding the pilgrimages, rules & restrictions, laws to abide in Saudi Arabia, packing list and several other detail will be provided by Online-Umrah to make whole trip goes unforgettable for the rest of the life.

With a Deluxe Hajj Package, you can have that feeling of visiting the heavenly beautiful Makkah and Madinah along with finding complete privacy and a sense of luxury while staying plush hotels. On top of that, roaming around city’s attractions is added advantage of the whole package that sure to make your money worth paying fir.

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