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Umrah Group Packages from Delhi- An Insight

If you have no time to customize your private Umrah packages and want something easy and readymade to speed up your entire process of journey, then you must go for the Group Umrah Packages from Delhi instead. New Delhi, the centre for all the country's states, has become a good destination for departure for pilgrims, attracting a large number compared to other major destinations.

Travelling with specific packages provided by various tour providers is also recommended. It comes with a dual benefit of not only saving time but also helping you greatly to perform your Hajj / Umrah in the most efficient way possible. The private Umrah packages certainly have their benefits over the Group Umrah Packages. Let us have a quick look and shed light on the advantages which packages in group can offer you:

Pocket-friendly Group Umrah Packages

The most beautiful thing about the Umrah group packages from Delhi is that they are highly pocket-friendly options to explore. You can go on your spiritual journey without making a hole in your pocket. The travel agent organizes everything under this package, keeping all the essential requirements in mind.

Encounter Diverse Population

Unlike the restriction under the private Umrah packages, the Group Umrah Packages from Delhi in 2022 allow you to travel and explore with a diverse number of people. You can see how people from completely different backgrounds come together to visit the house of Allah. Simultaneously you can learn a lot through the journey and make the most out of it.

Completely Pre-arranged 

In the private Umrah packages, one has to worry about fixing each minute detail with the travel agent. Still, under the Group Umrah packages from Delhi, you can get everything pre-planned under limited expenses. You can select from our variegated plans, such as the group Umrah package from Delhi for 7-days, the 14-Days Platinum group Umrah Package from Delhi, or the 15-days group Umrah package from India 2022, depending on your choice and preference.

Visit Maximum Places Within a Short Time

When you visit the holy places specifically for Ibadah (worship), your primary target is also utilizing your time for the same. Under the Group Umrah Packages from New Delhi in India, for a limited time, you will be able to manage everything in a short period. The pressure of limited time becomes a boon as you can feel the urge not to let go for a second.

An Umbrella Package

The Group Umrah Packages from Delhi comprise within itself a vast option which comes along with it. Be it your accommodation, flights, or about the guides etc. Book group Umrah packages from Delhi (2022) with OnlineUmrah.com and experience the most beautiful journey of your life. Apart from this, there are also many options within the Group Umrah Packages that you can explore.

Book your Umrah Group Package from Delhi in India 2022 with OnlineUmrah.com, both online and offline. We are an Umrah Group organizer aimed at making your pilgrimage a great success.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is a Group Umrah Package?

A. When we plan to go for Umrah/Hajj, we take packages, making the entire process easy and well organized. And Group Umrah is one of its kind, which allows you to travel in a group for your Hajj / Umrah journey. Thus, instantly, you can book group Umrah packages from Delhi (2022) at OnlineUmrah.com without facing any hassles.


Q. How Many Persons Are Allowed in a Single Group Umrah Package from Delhi?

A. Usually, around 42-45 persons can easily travel together under a group Umrah Package. You can also connect people from your area to make a group.


Q. What is the Price Range of the Various Group Umrah Packages 2022?

A. The Group Umrah Packages come with a comprehensive price list. To list a few are Quad Sharing, Triple Sharing, and Double Sharing. The prices are INR 89,900, INR 094,900, and INR 99,900, respectively. In addition, there is also a low-cost Group Umrah package for 15 days priced at around 89,900.


Q. Is There the Option of Deluxe Umrah Group Packages?

A. Again, the Group Umrah Packages are of various kinds, namely the Deluxe Group Umrah Packagesluxury Group Umrah Package from Delhi14-Days Platinum group Umrah Package from Delhi etc. And OnlineUmrah.com is an Umrah Group Organizer, and we have expertise in the area.


Q. What are the Various Amenities Along the Group Umrah Package from Delhi?

A. The Group Umrah Packages from New Delhi are complete in themselves. It is customized and designed in such a way that it fits all. It comprises Ziyarat, Laundry facilities, Group transportation, food, accommodation, etc.


Q. Is There Any Optional Tour Available That I Can Go for?

A. Yes, the facility of the optional tour is now available with the Group Umrah Packages from New Delhi, India. There are optional tours of the Taif City, Makkah Museum, and the Madinah Museum at a nominal price of INR 5,000.


Q. What Will be the Charges for Children under the Umrah Group Packages from Delhi?

A. You can easily carry your children along with you. Additional charges may be applied on children aged 2-6 years without a bed, that is INR 60000, and if you carry children and want a bed, the same prices will be applied.


Q. Are There Rooms Available with a Live View of the Haram Shareef?

A. It all depends on what you want; for this, you can easily coordinate with your travel operator and just let him know about your wish to stay in a room with a soothing view of the Kaabah Shareef.


Q. Are Flights Direct, or will I Change Flights to Reach Saudi Arabia?

A. You can enjoy a direct flight from New Delhi to Jeddah & Madinah, Saudi Arabia.


Q. Do We Get Guides (Muallim) facility under the Umrah Group Packages from Delhi?

A. The best part of the Group Umrah Packages from Delhi is that it has every critical essential for the Umrah / Hajj. Especially if you travel for the first time, everything is arranged to keep in mind accordingly. A Muallim is always there to make your visit easy and guide you throughout your journey.