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Best Offers on Your Next Umrah Trip. Hurry Up Make Your Own Umrah Package !!!

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  • 13-Feb-20

Finding a particular choice of travel destination in the company of family is a matter of great dilemma. This is because, some like to visit an exotic place in order to spend a memorable travel experience, while old ones of the family need a religious trip to bring peace and harmony in their life.

City of Madinah is most popular in terms of having religious significance, all because of Masjid Al Nabawi and the presence of the first ever mosque in the world called Quba Mosque. Also, the city holds permanent place in the heart of Muslims spreading all across the world due to the burial place of Prophet Mohammed.

Despite all that, there is so much to visit and explore Medina that cater to the travel requirements of every age of traveler. If you do not believe the same, then let’s look at the following tourist attractions in the city:

  • Mount Uhud: Easily visible from every single corner of the city is the famous battlefield of Mount Uhud that has traces to the years long history.  A place where the second battle between Makkah and Madinah people took place is now a major attraction, receiving major footfalls from travellers coming from various parts of the globe. Mostly barren land, Mount Uhudis a nice hiking and trekking spot for globetrotters. In addition, one can also enjoy the panoramic view of the city from the top of the mountain.
  • The Old Bazaar: For all the shopaholics that like to shop local items or souvenirs from the Madinah must visit the famous Old Bazaar. Strategically located at the central place of the city, the market area is a favourable spot for travellers to find clothes, jewellery, dry fruits, sweets and other such items. Enjoy local delicacies of Madinah is one of the best thing to do in this market.
  • Masjid Al Nabawi: Visiting the religious city of Madinah is certainly incomplete without stepping inside the monumental and holy Masjid Al Nabawi. Get amazed to see the large size of green dome structure of the mosque along with pioneer craftsmanship of the interior inside. Feel the presence of Almighty within mind, body, and soul by saying prayers inside this mosque.

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