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Things to Know about Madinah

Things to Know about Madinah

The world is certainly not small but a vast amalgamation of numerous countries, cities, and nations that have their own history and cultural significance. One of the cities in the world that holds the amazing, influential, and historical significance is the city of Medina also spelled as Madinah or was earlier referred as The Yathrib.

Quite popular among Muslims residing all across the globe, Madinah holds a special place from a cultural and religious point of view as well. Also, considered as second-best religious place after Makkah, there are some unknown yet interesting facts you should know about the beautiful western city of Saudi Arabia better known as Madinah.

Arrival of Prophet Mohammed’s and Death

The very first thing you should know about Madinah is the arrival of Prophet Mohammed along with His disciples. It is the place, where the Prophet Mohammed spread the word of peace and humanity through the holy words of Allah and let people believe in love all across the city.

Later Prophet Mohammed transformed the city into a holy land after building one of the very first Quba Mosque of Islam. This was the very first mosque built in the world. After that, the creation of Masjid Al Nabawi was also under the influence of Prophet Mohammed which is now referred as must visit religious site for every single Muslim individual.

The War History

The second holiest city in the world for Islamic community also holds the great war background that dates back to 6th century BCE. It was at that time, when Jews and Romans locked horns with each other and later Jews took part of the city. It was that time; the people experienced the arrival of Prophet Mohammed which was actually written in the scriptures. However, Prophet Mohammed took the side of Romans and was dejected by Jews completely. Only few Jews took refuge under him and one of the famous one was Hussian bin Salam who was later renamed as Adullah bin Salem.

Religious Significance

Obvious to say the fact that, Madinah is more of a religious place due to holy influence of the highest deity for Muslims. Best considered as second-best religious destination is also popular for anti-Christian restricted entry as mentioned in the Hadith. Also, to know the fact that, the city is ideally meant for performing the holy acts of Hajj and Umrah every single year by Muslim individuals coming from various parts of the globe.

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