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All you Need to Know about Umrah

All you Need to Know about Umrah

Every single religious has certain conditions to follow and pilgrims to visit that should be done with proper care and attention. Giving yourself to the faith of highest deity what brings peace, harmony, and love in life.

With having many different religions available today, Islam is the one which is united among all and well across the world. Muslim individuals having unconditional faith in Allah and the sacred teachings of Prophet Mohammed what bind them together since centuries.

One of the best example of this unification is the act of performing Hajj and Umraheither by booking Umrah group packages or Hajj package of your choice. Mandatory and holy acts to perform by every single Muslim individual who is financially sound and physically able to do so. While Hajj is something that happens once in a year, it is the Umrah that allow you visit the scared places of Makkah and Madinah at anytime of the year.

The second best and holiest act better known as Umrah is something needs to be performed with sound knowledge of the rules and rituals otherwise complete fruit of the same would not be grabbed. In addition with that, going for Deluxe Umrah package further gives you the advantage of traveling with ease and comfort under the supervision of an experienced guide.

Therefore, for your assistance, we have come up with few necessary pointers that allow you to know all about Umrah and the way to perform the same.

  • Series of Religious Acts: The very pilgrimage of Umrah demands purity of pilgrims both from body and thoughts. Therefore, it is necessary for you to take bath before performing Umrah and let the negative thoughts like speaking evil, sexual affair, eating tobacco or anything like that out of your mind. You need to perform the holy act with a pure sense of mind and thoughts that allow you grab the complete fruit of the pilgrimage and eternal blessings of the lifetime.
  • Entering the Mosque in a State of Ihram: A special set of white piece of cloth is required to wear by every single men during Umrah, while women are allowed to simply cover up their head. A mandatory affair for Umrah is like entering as pure as Allah and saying prayers while walking all through Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Al Nabawi. One of the things to notice is that men are not allowed to cover up their head even from the harsh sunlight during Umrah.
  • Tawaf: The term Tawaf means entering into the holy mosque in a state of Ihram and touching the black stone. Basically considered as the next step after wearing Ihram. Enter the Kaaba and touch the black stone while cleaning yourself and continuously saying prayers in the name of Allah.
  • Taking Rounds:Step by step process of Umrah also includes taking seven rounds around the hills of Marwah and Safa while chanting prayers. No need to worry about the distance and the harsh climatic conditions as the very chanting of Allah gives you inner strength and energy to do so.
  • Hair Cutting: After the rounds, pilgrims have to come out of the mosque and men need to fully shave their head and women are allowed for a partial hair cut. One of the ritual act is an example of the fact that, you have left all your sins behind and has purified your mind, body and soul. This is also refer to receiving blessings for a lifetime and removing poverty from life.

Taking all such 5 points in mind are necessary for Umrah pilgrims not just to embrace the kindness of Allah and also to be a part of something big and holy which everyone is not aware of. On the top of that, make this journey goes smooth and hassle-free by way of looking at 5-star umrah packages, Umrah private packages or even considering Umrah plus packages.