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Can I Select a Hotel of My Choice in My Umrah Package

Can I Select a Hotel of My Choice in My Umrah Package

Umrah is the second highest relevance pilgrim for Muslims residing in different parts of the world. This is a way to showcase eternal love for Allah and the various reasons of doing Tawaf for your loved ones.
A year on journey of a lifetime is something that is mandatory to perform at least once in a life of an Islamic individual has become all the more simple with the advent of few package deals like:

  • Premium Umrah Package
  • Deluxe Umrah Package
  • Plus Umrah Package
  • Economical Umrah Package 

And many more
Now that a package travelling is much more convenient than individual’s decision to book all the things like flight tickets, visa, hotel, guide, public transportation and much more. Still the benefit lies in the hands of travellers who choose to lay hands on ay pocket-soothing package option.
Some of you might have this question hovering in mind as whether to add a hotel of your choice in the already created package deal of Umrah should actually consider the following few factors first:

  • Will of a Travel Agent: Asking for a preferred choice of lodging to be included in an Umrah package deal totally depends on your travelling partner with whom you are making all the further arrangements. Now, it all depends on them as whether to remove the existing hotel from the deal and add a preferred choice of property at the same price or at different rate. 
  • Customized Option: The second considerable factor is the customized feature of a package deal. This means to say that if anything customize feature is available on the journey, then you are able to add or remove any choice of lodging with no hassle at all. If the journey is fixed & cannot be altered, then there is no such chance of adding a preferred choice of hotel.
  • Package Limit: For suppose if you have your eyes set on an exhilarating looking 5-star luxurious hotel, while the budget limit of the package is confined till 3-stars, then again you have to think first.