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Dedicating Waqf from Life to Attain Religious Sanctity

Dedicating Waqf from Life to Attain Religious Sanctity

Thinking of attaining religious sanctity can be best obtained with a view to perform the sacred act of Hajj or Umrah. No matter, if you have eye already on Hajj packages, budget Umrah Packages or any other deal to obtained that holy fruit.

There is one more way of attaining ultimate Allah’s blessings in terms of doing something equally religious and pious. This appears to be giving Waqf from your part of life for the very purpose of doing something good and absolute for the benefit of humanity at wide range.

For those who are not aware of the term, “Waqf”, should understand the fact that this particular word has a hidden meaning inside. It states the fact that a part of money, property, material possession or any personal asset you take out as Waqf in order to dedicate the same to some individual, group, social cause or any company for a manifold good purpose.

With Waqf being a part of something that belongs to you can be dedicated forever to someone who is in need in terms of any school, charitable institution, religious group, a family in need or it could to anyone.

Now, what makes Waqf mandatory or pious kind of thing in Muslim’s life is to dedicated their share of earnings or happiness to others as well in order to speared the word of prosperity, faith and religious behaviour.

If somehow, you were are not aware of this charity or did not get the thought of giving the same, then it is the ideal time to take out a dedicated part of Waqf from personal belongings or earnings and get ready to attain the pious fruit of sacred entity.